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My popular products


How to grow your Instagram audience eBook
Three core tools to success

I decided to write this e-book after having people ask me how my Instagram following has grown from 12 followers to over 10,000 in 12 months, and if there is anything specific I am doing to create growth.

Get Painting! A 5 Day Video Workshop Tutorial
Learn how to get creative and start painting!

I made this video series to share with you the techniques I used when I was at the very beginning of my painting journey. Suitable for beginners and children.

SHOP Paintings
Original paintings by Sticks + Ink

Sticks + Ink’s practice primarily features hot wax batik, acrylic, oil paint, soft pastel and, of course, drawing with sticks and ink. Also available for commissions.



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Once again, Kia has generously shared her tips, tricks and knowledge in a way that’s easy to digest and super inspiring! Do yourself a favor and invest in your business and in yourself - these guides will become one of the greatest tools in your business arsenal! As someone who also deals with chronic pain, I especially appreciate how honest and concise her tips are for dealing with running a business while juggling illness and everything else life throws at you.
— Aly Morgan, Founder, Seek + Be


Join me on my journey behind those little instagram squares. This podcast show lays bare the human behind the brand and shares my aha’s, oh-dears! and celebrates the wins as well as the fears.

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Catch my updates over on Instagram. This is where I hang out and post sneak peeks of studio life and daily doses of encouragement.

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