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Kia, who works under the pseudonym, Sticks + Ink, is an abstract artist who teaches her expert knowledge of Instagram to creative entrepreneurs, and shares her transformative journey in mindset and wellness via her podcast, Happy Hacks.

On graduating from University, Kia made a deal with her soon-to-be husband – She would earn the money for each of them so the other could build their business and in10 years they would swap. It became clear to Kia she had to battle her teachers voice in her head who told her she couldn’t take art class at school because she couldn’t draw, and pursue a career doing something creative.

Posting work from a weekly art class on Instagram, things started to snowball into a fully fledged business with an audience of 10,000 in just 12 short months. 

Just as Kia’s business had taken off in 2016 though, she hit a health crisis, and whilst unable to walk for nine months as a result of sudden chronic pain, she wrote a bestselling eBook teaching creative entrepreneurs how to market their business using Instagram.

By the time she began to recover she had generated a way of earning money in her sleep and attracted a large engaged community who she continues to inspire on the ‘gram and via her podcast, Happy Hacks. In her podcast Kia openly shares her journey of self-development creating a positively contagious effect upon others by the way she expresses her positivity and joy!