Kia's story...


I used sit all day at a computer in a dull office, doing the job of a personal assistant, but really I was counting down the hours until I got to walk out the door and taste freedom again. I would stare out of the window at the clouds in the sky for as long as I could get away with, just longing for a connection to nature and the outside world.

Every lunch break I would go and buy a packet of biscuits. I would quietly open the packet and hide them in the bottom drawer of my desk and sneak one out to eat in secret every time I felt a fresh wave of jadedness about to hit my spirit. This plaintive attempt to feel some sort of joy during my 8 hour work day made me feel like I was losing grip on life. I used to eat almost a packet of biscuits everyday.

Thankfully, I decided enough was enough and I got out, and switched careers. My new job felt wonderful. On the first day I actually stopped and smelt the roses as I walked 3 little kids to preschool as my new job as a nanny. The freedom to be outside during office hours felt incredible, but my soul still wasn’t doing what it longed to do.

What came next I’ll save for another day.. but the decision to take the plunge into the unknown and try what really appealed was the first step in finding my true purpose. Taking that leap into the unknown. Little did I know it would be a path of stepping stone’s to get to where I am now, not one giant leap to the perfect answer. It was a journey that was required of me and I am so glad I took it.

#Kiasstory will continue next month!

So, tell me, if you could ask me ONE question, what would it be? I want to answer the burning questions you have that I can help with from my journey so far. So hit reply and let me know if there is something you’d love me to talk about.