Tips + Tricks for Budding Entrepreneurs wk21:CTA

Tips + Tricks for Budding Entrepreneurs

Do you have a CTA in your Bio? Do you even know what a CTA is and why it is so important?

For those who are new to the term, a CTA is a Call To Action. (for example; a prompt for your customer to do something in order to deal with a problem).

If you have a Bio that tells people what you do, but doesn’t direct them to where they can learn more from you or buy from you, you are missing a huge opportunity!

So get crafting a sentence to direct your customers to where you would like them to go.

p.s. Have you seen my digital guide on Instagram Bio’s? In it, I cover:

-       Searchable fields

-       Why your character count is important

-       Using your one website link wisely

-       Tips for your profile picture

-       A cheeky location hack!

The digital guide is called ‘5 Steps to Create a Banging Bio’ and is available here.

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I’ve been a fan of this artist for a while now. I love her art for it’s own sake but also her instagram is the standard I aspire to. I was over the moon when I saw that she offered this and another course, on how to market your own art on instagram. She is the kind of artist that helps everyone to rise. No wonder she shines so bright herself.
— jaimeleerandall