If you're new round here, hello!

Firstly, a super quick intro..

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Hi there!

My name is Kia Cannons, and I work under the pseudonym, Sticks + Ink.

Most people have found me via Instagram or my MOO interview.

I teach how to grow your Instagram account and create content that converts.
I share how to create a healthy mindset so you can lead happy life.
I talk about habits, creating a life you love and my journey to get there.

Where to find what you’re interested in..

For my paintings: 
- Check out my Etsy shop.
- Painting announcements via this email list.

For mindset, spirituality + happiness:
- Check out my Happy Hacks Podcast

For Instagram tips: 
 - Check out my IG Stories
 - Weekly Tips + Tricks blog post.

For my Instagram training:
- Check out my Teachable page.
- Watch my IG Stories for Q&As

How I got here

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In 2015 I started sharing my artwork on Instagram, and began studying how to crack Instagram. As a result, my account experienced rapid growth, and people started asking my how I did it.  So I wrote an eBook sharing all of my experience. And I found myself in the world of teaching Instagram marketing.

Last year I stumbled into the land of inner-development and unlocked the keys to life and happiness (not kidding, what I learned last year changed EVERYTHING).  So I started a Podcast, Happy Hacks, where I share what I’m learning about leading a truly fulfilling life.

So that’s me, I’m part artist, part Instagram marketing teacher, part ‘do what you love’ ambassador and part ‘unlock the keys to life and true happiness’ teacher.

I love what I do everyday, especially sharing the wisdom I’m learning with you.

Kia Cannons