Tips + Tricks for Budding Entrepreneurs wk24: Talking on Instagram Stories

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This week I am answering a request I get all the time which is how to get over the fear of speaking on Stories. When I think of which Instagram accounts I follow because of their Stories, there’s a common theme. I love them because of the way person is talking.  What’s the magical formula you need to learn? The answer is brilliant because there isn’t one – the reason I enjoy them the most is because they are just being themselves. They leave in their quirks, they are unashamedly themselves, they are a full expression of who they are and don’t try to be polished or perfect.

My go-to favourite accounts I consume for their Stories btw are jengotch, radhidevlukia marissahuber, theamandamarit. They share their thoughts, what works for them and document funny little things. So that’s great news - you don’t have to be anything other than naturally you. So that’s my first tip:

1.     Be yourself. You do not need to talk faster, slower, with a different voice or anything like that. You will find your people, and the people turned off by you are not your people and that’s no reflection on you, it’s just the way life works. Which is fine!

2.     My second tip is to look into the camera when you talk rather than looking at you’re the recording of your own face. If you look at the little black dot at the top of your phone (ie the camera lens) you will be looking directly into the eyes of your viewers which is much more engaging for your audience than watching you talk to their chin.

3.     My third tip is to allow yourself to rerecord your Stories multiple times. I’ve got to the point where 90% of the Stories of myself talking direct to camera I’m happy to post, but there’s 10% where I feel I’m taking too long to get to the point, and 10% of the time I rerecord a whole bunch of stories 15 times before I’m happy. So, if you feel you’re not happy with the first, second or 100th take, be kind to yourself. You are learning, you are practising, and above all remember you do not need to be perfect and you are enough.

 So, there you have it, there’s no magic formula to the way I do my Stories, the biggest key to take away is to give yourself a chance to show up and be yourself. If you’ve heard my Podcast Happy Hacks, you’ll know how I regularly loose track of what I’m saying and pause for a little too long to gather my thoughts, I stumble over my words and talk about deep stuff whilst folding the laundry and making dinner. No perfection here. Yet the main piece of feedback I get from my listeners is their favourite thing about the podcast, beyond the content, is how ‘un-perfect’ it is. That’s what we’re all looking for in a social media land of image crafting and polished sales chat, we just want to connect on a real level, being ourselves. So give it a go. Tag me if you like, and I’ll do my best to spot it and cheer you on.

You’ve got this!

Big love,


Have you tuned into Happy Hacks yet?  Tap below for the top listened to episode!   s1 ep38 Releasing Limiting Beliefs.

Have you tuned into Happy Hacks yet? Tap below for the top listened to episode!

s1 ep38 Releasing Limiting Beliefs.

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