Kia's story part 2...

The journey from doing a degree for the sake of ‘getting a degree’ to doing what I love…

The journey from doing a degree for the sake of ‘getting a degree’ to doing what I love…

Carrying on from my first ‘Kia’s story’ post… Upon joyously leaving the world of administration I was suddenly looking after 3 kids under 3. A week or two in, I realised why when was telling people of my plans to change jobs so many Mums would look at me incredulously and say, ‘you’re going to look after 3 kids under 3?!! are you sure you’re ok with this?’ Ha! It was a lot of work. I would get home from 12 hours of solo childcare and collapse on the sofa hoping the headache would settle soon so I could crack on with what I really wanted to do, which was concentrate on my writing.

When I left office life it was with the intention to work on some children’s books I had been quietly writing in tiny corners of my life over several years. The idea was; I would work 12 days out of the month as a Nanny and spend all my other waking hours writing. I had not accounted for the headaches.

Or the the constant chatter that you experience around little ones. After 12 hours I couldn’t get a straight thought and there was no way I had any energy or enthusiasm to write.

Funnily enough I handled the challenge of looking after 3 under 3 quite easily. I absolutely thrived in the dynamic of domestic life, and enjoyed being a extension of love and care for these kids whilst their parents were away working hard. I had always wanted to be a full time Mum myself, so having epic cooking sessions in the kitchen to feed the family well everyday and getting them out in nature felt incredibly freeing. But I had not accounted for the headaches.

I managed to make shifting from a full-time well paid personal assistant role to part time work on a financial level by working long 12 hour days, but I couldn’t make the shift work on other important levels, so with a heavy heart I moved on.

I flowed between writing for a few weeks, then temping here and there for a bit and helping my husband with his growing business over the following months. All the while I desperately just wanted to figure out what I should do with my life and what I really wanted to pursue. I was transfixed on figuring out the exact ‘perfect career’ for myself and that’s why I think it took me so long to discover it.

The answer is to stop trying to figure out life, before living it. You can get a headache trying to do that ;)

#Kiasstory will continue next month!

So, tell me, if you could ask me ONE question, what would it be? I want to answer the burning questions you have that I can help with from my journey so far. So hit reply and let me know if there is something you’d love me to talk about.