Happy Hacks Podcast Ep51: Entrepreneurship, the Brain + Beliefs with Dan Murray Serter


Interview with Dan Murray Serter

Who’s Dan?

Dan Murray Serter has been a winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, hosts one of Europe’s top entrepreneurship podcasts; Secret Leaders. He is the co-founder of the Foundrs community in London and Los Angeles. Dan is a TEDX Speaker and gave a through-provoking talk asking the question ‘Can laughter build resilience?' He has co-founded Heights, a community for achievers who want more. Every Sunday Heights dishes up bite-sized portions of the latest in neuroscience, nutrition & psychology in the form of a 3 min read delivered to your inbox. 

What we talked about

I look forward to these emails every week and was delighted to sit down with Dan in his office in London and have a chat.

We talked about doing what you love, the mindset required to embark on the path of entrepreneurship, the reality of ambition, ego, the reality of business success. 

We touched on mental health and Dan's experience of insomnia, eating to improve health and switching to a plant-based diet.

The mind being part of the brain, not the brain.

We moved into discussing the soul, cultural ethnicity, God, nature, and anti-religion.

Trusting your gut, and balancing gut-based decisions whilst working in a team. Coping with the 'shiny-new' disposition as an entrepreneur.

We discussed anxiety and defining what it is. I love how Dan describes it as an emotional experience you get from living in the future. So true.

Links from the show

Dan's instafamous cats Archie & Bells https://www.instagram.com/archieandbells

Secret Leaders Podcast: https://www.secretleaders.com/

Dawn (rebranding into Heights): https://www.trydawn.co/

Pic of the recording studio. Yeah I deleted that off my phone before posting!

Outro links

I believe you should do what you love.

I also believe in handing you the tools to make it viable. 

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1. Clarify the best means of making money in your online business.

2. Learn how to turn what you love doing into a viable business model.

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