Tips + Tricks for Budding Entrepreneurs wk26: 3 Top Productivity Hacks I Live By!


Tips + Tricks for Budding Entrepreneurs

This week I am talking about my top 3 productivity hacks.

  1. Just start. When your head is spinning with the amount of things you need to figure out, it’s tempting to stay in your mind and try to find the answer in your head first. The opposite is far more productive. Even when your mind is spinning and you think you have nothing to write down, just start writing. A big sheet of paper and a pencil serve as a brilliant way to capture ideas and as they tumble out of you. The very act of writing tends to let the ideas and the answers you may be looking for, flow. Give it a try.

  2. Do the task you’re in the mood to do (where possible!). Creating a schedule and plotting tasks to be carried out at a certain time is awesome and I love doing that. However, you cannot predict if you will be in the mood to do a certain task when the allotted time comes along. If you’re scheduled to do one thing but feel in the mood to do another task and you have the freedom to switch tasks, switch them up. Wherever possible, do the thing that you feel excited to do, the excitement will bring you the energy that will get the job done quicker.

  3. Say no more often. I know, you’re hearing this everywhere but that’s because people are finding it works and want to shout about it! It takes guts to say no to something, but protecting your energy is key if you want to be productive. When met with an invitation (or demand!) to do something I ask myself; ‘Would saying ‘yes’ to this be in alignment with my tops values and goals?’

Try each of these things out once this week. Say no to something you don’t have the capacity or interest in doing, just start writing something out even if you don’t have a plan in your head, and try tuning into which tasks you feel like doing and order your day by your energy.

If you give any of these hacks a try let me know! I’d love to share your breakthroughs to encourage our community.

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